born ~2015

65 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“Never… never… Whether you are five or 100, never give up. It’s never too late.”

— Bill Duke

Welcome back, Duke! This handsome guy recently came back to our program (due to unforeseen life circumstances for his owners; not through any fault of his own). He’s an older gentleman at seven years old and weighs in at around 65 pounds, just pushing him into our “large dog” category.

Housebreaking, Crate-Training, and Commands

Duke is crate trained AND housebroken! He hasn’t had a single accident in his foster home and goes right into his crate on command (and, of course, a treat!). He’s also never tried to get out and is content to just hang out in his kennel. He also knows the “sit”, “stay” and “down” commands! Such a smart guy!

Behavior around other Dogs, Cats, and Kids

With structured introductions, Duke is great with dogs similar to his size or larger! Duke, however, does have a prey drive and requires a home without any smaller animals, including small dogs or cats. For a home with other bigger dogs though, Duke would be perfect!

Duke is extremely patient and gentle with kids who are respectful of dogs and would do well (and has done well) in a home with them!  

Behavior around People

Duke loves humans! He loves to greet new friends and politely say hello when he is on walks. He likes attention, and will get close to you when he can but isn’t needy about his desire for pets. He is extremely gentle and affectionate, which makes him such a great dog to have around! 

Exercise Needs

Despite his look, Duke has pretty moderate energy! He’s happy with just some short playtime, whether that be with other dogs, fetch in the yard, or a jog with his human. When some of his energy is used up, he’s thrilled to just relax in the house. 

Because he’s pretty smart, Duke would also probably do well with mental stimulation in order to tire him out! 

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