born ~February 2018

20 lbs.

Nearly crate trained

Nearly housebroken

Valentine’s day has already passed, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop looking for your little donut! This Duncan donut is a sweet 1 year old pup who weighs 17 pounds, and will never turn down a date with you. He is the perfect mix of laid back and adventurer – what more could you ask for?

Duncan is nearly potty trained! He doesn’t have a specific signal, but with consistent potty breaks he will keep the house free of accidents. He is almost kennel trained – he will go into his kennel on command provided you give him a treat in return. He will whine a little bit if he thinks he’s missing out on the fun, but is otherwise great in his kennel. Duncan is overall a very respectful dog, and does his best to have good manners.

Duncan loves hanging out with other dogs! He currently lives with two large dogs, and does great with them. This littlest donut can be playful with his canine buddies, and would enjoy trips to the dog park. Duncan isn’t the best buddies with cats though, and would need to be in a feline-free home. However, we think Duncan would do great with kids – he is very gentle and polite, and doesn’t mind getting squished. 😊

Duncan’s personality is a great mix of adventurer and chill. He loves going on long walks, and is ready for an all-day adventure if his human companion is down for that; but, he is also content just curling up with you and relaxing! This little donut also makes a great footwarmer – he loves curling up on your feet when you’re relaxing, and will give you a gentle paw reminder if he wants more attention. But, Dunan is a good listener and will stop if you don’t want to pet him anymore.

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