Echo – Adopted!!!


born ~ January 2020

11 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning House-breaking!

“It seems that laughter needs an Echo. Henri Bergson

Welcome Echo! Echo, and her two siblings, Eris and Tango, were recently added to the ACR family! This sweet girl is up to 11lbs currently and around 10 weeks old. The vets estimate that she’ll grow to be around 40-60lbs, but that’s just a guess and only time will tell! 

Echo is currently working on both house and crate-training! She (mostly) sleeps through the night and typically keeps her crate clean – with just an accident every now and then while Foster Mom is at work. She will go in her crate for food or a treat, but sings the song of her people for a few minutes when she’s in her kennel during the day. She’s currently learning “sit”! 

Echo lives with other dogs in her foster home, including her sister Eris. She is submissive and wants to play with other dogs right away! She has very good manners and listens when she’s corrected by her dog counterparts. Sweet Echo has taken it upon herself to learn everything about being a dog from her adult foster brother.

When it comes to people, Echo dives right in! She loves everyone she meets and gives lots of kisses. Right now, she’s a bit shy about being held, but hopefully as she grows more confident she learns that it’s okay. She is a bit of a shadow and wants to be around her people as much as possible. 

Echo isn’t too high energy, even for a puppy and does well with just a few short play sessions, and then crashing for nap time – rinse and repeat! She loves to play with her canine siblings, but as mentioned above, would be happy just to hang with her humans. 

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