born ~March 2018

43 lbs.

Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken

“No capes!” – Edna Mode, The Incredibles (2004)

Welcome Edna! Like her namesake, she’s got lots of personality in her squat body. Edna is about 10 months old, and currently weighs 43 pounds. We think she’ll stay around this weight, staying just under 50 pounds once she fills out a little bit more.

We want to get to know Edna a little bit more before we can confidently say that she is potty trained; however, so far she has done a good job signaling to Foster Mom when she needs to go outside, and keeps her kennel clean while Foster Mom is away. We can confidently say that Edna is kennel trained, though! She will happily go into her kennel for food – you might even find her hiding out in her kennel in the hopes that you’ll give her a treat!

Edna is very good at reading cues from other dogs, and happily shares a home with Foster Mom’s personal dog. Edna loves to play with other dogs, especially if she can jump around and really use her paws with them! However, Edna understands that not all dogs like to play that way, and can change her play style to match her canine-friend’s. Edna recently met one of the vet’s cats, and didn’t seem to really care about it. We think that she would probably be fine in a home with dog-savvy cats.

Edna has a lot of energy! She is happiest when she gets a few long walks, has some nice play sessions with her canine-buddy, or when she gets to play with other dogs at the dog park! She would do great in a moderately-active home, or one that is willing to make sure she gets all her wiggles out.

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