born ~November 2018

48 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Nearly Housebroken!

“The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated” — Eliza Doolittle, My Fair Lady (1964)

Introducing the beautiful Eliza, with one green eye and one blue eye!! Eliza is a 10 month old, 48 pound gymnastics queen. This gal is a total ham, and loves to show off her somersault skills – so far her record is 4 in a row! 

Eliza is almost potty trained! She’s had a couple accidents inside the house, but should have potty training down in no time. Eliza is also still learning to view her kennel as a safe space, but will go inside for a treat. She settles down after a little bit, and then will just sleep or chew on a toy until Foster Mom returns. 

Eliza is canine-friendly! She is playful and friendly from the get-go, ready to be friends with any pup who catches her eye. Sometimes she can get a little rambunctious when playing, but she’s learning to keep that in check. Eliza warms up quickly when meeting new people, and just wants some pets and snuggles in exchange for friendship. 😊 While she enjoys getting attention, Eliza is content to just be in the same room as her person – she can entertain herself when her friends are busy.

Eliza has a moderate amount of energy, and just needs a few walks and play sessions throughout the day to be happy. She absolutely loves to go on walks, so if you’re looking for a new walking partner you’ve found your gal! Eliza likes to practice her gymnastics skills in front of her friends, and loves to practice her somersault skills off of the couch or in the yard! You’ll know she’s particularly happy with herself when you hear her snort – it’s so cute!

Ready to add this fun-loving, affectionate gymnast to your family? Then contact us today – she can’t wait to somersault her way into your heart!

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