Ellie – Pup of the Week!


born ~January 2019

35 lbs.

Learning crate training!

Nearly housebroken!!!

“I realized that today I truly understood my purpose as Ellie: not just to find people but to save them.” – W. Bruce Cameron, A Dog’s Purpose

Introducing Ellie! This sweet brindle baby weighs in at 35 pounds and is about 6 months old. She may get up to 50 pounds once she’s fully grown! 

Ellie is still a puppy, but she’s doing very well with her house training and is working on her crate training. She’s able to sleep through the night and keep her crate clean, but she has been known to shred a toy or two while in there. Keeping her in her crate with no soft toys or beds is best for this girl! Ellie can be a little crafty and can unhook and squeeze out of the bottom part of the crate door, but with a few carabiners or clips, she should be safe and secure when her people are sleeping or out of the house. Ellie will follow food or treats into the crate, and she is working on going in on command with nothing to lure her in. 

We haven’t seen Ellie around cats, but she has been initially shy around her foster dog sibling. With anyone or anything, she hides or runs away when she’s first approached, but she’s learning to follow her foster sibling and understand routines and norms by watching them modeled. She’s a smart girl who likes to observe before she jumps into anything unknown! 

Like with other dogs, Ellie needs time to open up and trust humans. She’s working on building her confidence, so she would love a patient family willing to give her time and space to feel comfortable! She has been around a 5-year-old child but chose to keep her distance. She doesn’t mind getting her head and belly rubbed by people once she’s comfortable, and she is starting to prefer to be on the couch with her foster mom rather than on the floor by herself. We hope that with a little more time and patience, she may be ready for some cuddles. She’s a bit of a scaredy-dog, especially around things that are loud or move quickly, but as she gets more comfortable with her new surroundings, she will hopefully become more confident and optimistic in unknown experiences, people, and animals.

Ellie loves to lounge, but she will run a lap or two around the yard when she’s feeling energetic! She is working on leash training, so right now, she doesn’t love walks yet but may once she gets the hang of the leash. 

Ellie is such a sweetheart and is searching for a family who is patient and willing to work to build her confidence. Do you think you are the right person to help this sweet girl find out how great the world can be? Contact us today! 

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