Elsa – Adoption Pending!


born ~April 2018

30 lbs.

Learning crate training

Learning housebreaking

“Some people are worth melting for.” – Olaf, Frozen (2013)

We think Elsa is definitely worth melting for! Elsa is a 10 month old pup, and once she puts on a little weight should be 40 – 45 pounds full grown. Elsa was found wandering the streets by one of our Foster Homes, and became an ACR dog!

Elsa is almost potty trained. So far Elsa has shown that she is a fast learner, so we think she’ll have potty training down in no time. Elsa is kennel trained, and will gladly run in for a treat! If she thinks something exciting is happening without her, she may fuss a little; but, she settles back down quickly. This queen is also working on keeping all four paws on the floor – she’s just so excited to finally be able to explore the indoors!

Elsa does well with other dogs, and currently lives with multiple canine-buddies! She’s been having a blast playing and romping around with all her friends, especially ACR adoptables Kacey and Pippa! Elsa has a moderate amount of energy, and would definitely be able to keep up with an active family who loves to go on hikes, runs, etc.; but, she doesn’t need that hard exercise to be content. If heavy exercise isn’t on the schedule for the day, Elsa will be happy with a few romps with a dog-sibling and some time to chew on her toys.

Elsa loves attention, and especially loves to snuggle up next to Foster Mom on the couch. You don’t have to be a familiar face to get some of Elsa’s love though, because this wonderful girl loves everyone! She isn’t overly needy or demanding, just enjoys putting her head in your lap and getting some pets. 😊

Elsa can’t wait to become your friend! Contact us today if you can’t either!

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