born ~November 2017

25 lbs.

Learning Crate Training! 

Learning Housebreaking!

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome Emerson! This captivating boy is around 2 years old and weighs 25 pounds. Emerson has been making a lot of progress, but he’s still getting warmed up to his new surroundings and needs to take it all in. After a little more time to relax and gain his confidence, he’ll be ready for his new home!

Emerson is new to housebreaking, but he is already crate-trained! Inside, he’s still trying to mark his territory a good bit, but we hope that his snip later on this week will reduce his need to do that. Shhhh…. Don’t tell him; he doesn’t know that it’s for his own good! When it’s time to go in his crate, he needs a little push to go in, but after a few minutes to settle in, he realizes that he’s not going anywhere and will relax and settle down.

Emerson is such a good boy, and he can get along with so many different creatures: cats, kids, and dogs. He prefers creatures that will give him a little time and space to gently ease into a new situation, but as long as they are patient, he warms up!

When this handsome boy meets a new human, he’s a little shy while he’s learning that you are nothing to be afraid of, and once he is comfortable enough for some pets, he just melts and becomes a content puddle of furry puppy. When he’s spending time relaxing inside, Emerson loves to snuggle up on the couch, and he’ll let you know if he’d like some attention by staring up at you with his sweet puppy dog eyes. 

Right now, Emerson is pretty laid back, but because he’s still settling in, he may get a little more boisterous as he learns to play with his foster siblings. For now, it seems like a good romp around the yard, some fetch, or a daily walk will suffice for his exercise needs.

Emerson loves to sit back, observe, and really contemplate, and Foster Mom reports that one of the best things about this unique boy is his zen outlook on life. If you are looking for a chill pup who’s easy on the eyes but may need daily compliments to boost his confidence, this is the good boy for you! Contact us today!

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