born ~April 2018

35 lbs.

Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken

Welcome Emily! Emily is an adorable 5 month old dalmatian x american bulldog mix. She currently weighs around 35 pounds, and we think she’ll top out around 50-60 pounds. Emily currently has a case “Happy Tail” – she is just so happy, and wagged her tail so much that she has hurt it. The vet will potentially dock her tail in order to stop her from hurting her tail even more!

Emily has almost mastered potty training! Emily is a typical puppy, and is still learning all the rules of life. She has had a few accidents, but is quickly learning how to keep the house clean and accident free! We hope to be able to say that she is fully potty trained soon. As far as crate training goes, she has mastered that! She still needs a little coaxing/treats to get into the kennel. Once inside the kennel she settles in quickly without whining.

Emily is great with familiar and unfamiliar folks! While at a recent ACR outreach event, she was friendly as can be with college kids, adults, and even those in electric wheelchairs! As far as dogs go, she loves them! She can be a little tense at first and a little jumpy, but once she gets over the initial introduction awkwardness Emily plays as normal! As far energy goes, Emily has a lot of it. Since she is a puppy, she is full of puppy energy. She would do well with an active family who is able to take her on walks, trips to the dog park, or play with her throughout the day!

Emily loves making new human friends! Depending on her mood, she can be a little shy…or a confident pup. If she deems you trustworthy, your lap might just become her new resting spot! Emily loves to get attention and snuggle next to you on the couch, but understands that you may not be able to give her attention 24/7. 😊

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