born ~November 2021

37 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“What’s behind you doesn’t matter.”- Enzo Ferrari

Welcome (back!) Enzo, our little low-riding pal. With a completely unique short and stocky build, Enzo has us all head over heels (and not just because we have to bend down to give his head a pat). Enzo is about a year old and weighs in around 35-40 pounds, give or take. 

Housebreaking, Crate-Training, and Commands

Enzo is both house and crate trained! It took him a bit to settle in but now that he has, he happily goes to the door and whines when he has to go outside. He goes in the crate when his foster mom leaves the house, and though he isn’t always thrilled, he is a good boy! He gets to stay out of his crate when foster mom is home, however, and sleeps outside of it as well. 

Behavior around other Dogs, Cats, and Kids

We’e had Enzo around a female dog and he does well with her. He doesn’t care to share his food with her, but is otherwise pretty playful. He will need structured introductions and some time to really get comfortable with his canine siblings. He also previously lived with older children and would do well with them as long as they are respectful of him. 

Enzo should not live with cats. 

Behavior around People

Enzo is a little bit unsure of himself in new situations, but absolutely loves his people when he gets comfortable! He loves attention from his people when he can get it, but is happy to settle down if you aren’t in the mood. He loves to “talk” to people and other dogs that he passes on walks. 

Exercise Needs

Enzo is still a puppy. He does have a decent amount of energy, but some hardcore playtime and a walk daily would suffice. He walks great on the leash already! He loves to be entertained with a bone or mental stimulation in order to keep his brain occupied when hanging out at home. If you aren’t wanting to play though, he is happy to just chill out. 

He likely will be a little bouncing ball at first in a new home, but will settle quickly. 

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