Evrit – Adopted!!!


born ~July 2020

42 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“You can usually tell if a man is good if he has a dog who loves him.” – W. Bruce Cameron

Welcome, Evrit! This 40-pound ball of precious puppy has about 20 more pounds and a few more months to go before he’s fully grown. He hasn’t been with us long, but it’s been long enough to fall in love with him!

Evrit is already housebroken and crate-trained even though he’s still a puppy. At night, he is able to keep his crate clean and sleep soundly until morning (but he definitely prefers to sleep in the bed with humans if they’ll let him!), and during the day, he can let Foster Mom know that he’d like a trip outside by scratching at the door or ringing a bell. When he first goes into his crate, he has a few minutes of crying about being left alone, but he is able to calm himself down after a little self-soothing. Foster Dad likes to joke that Evrit would like a doggy pacifier because he tries to suckle on blankets! Like a lot of smart puppies, he can be a bit of a crafty fellow, and he figured out how to get out of his crate the other day, but he was almost an angel when he had free rein of the house. The only casualty was a fortune cookie that was just begging to be eaten. 

Because Evrit is new to the program, we are still learning how he reacts to new situations. Evrit has high standards for his doggy friends, so he might prefer a long walk or hike to getting his energy out at a dog park. He has one foster sibling whom he LOVES to play with, and he responds well when corrected by another sibling who’s not as on-board with Evrit’s level of puppy playfulness. When meeting potential new friends, Evrit would do best with a slow introduction so he and other dogs can get used to each other before they decide if they are ready to play.

This angel likes to get some of his energy out, but he’s pretty laid back for a puppy. In the mornings, Evrit loves to jump up on the bed and let all the humans in the house know that he is up and ready for the day! After a play session with a sibling or a round of tug-of-war, he loves to cuddle on the couch or in bed and get some good snuggle time in. Evrit loves getting attention from humans and is so happy to see new people approach. Every human is a potential new best friend for him, and he loves to make his people happy. He’s already able to “sit,” “stay,” “leave it,” and get into his crate on command, and he is learning new tricks every day! 

Evrit is such a strikingly handsome boy, and he’s got the sweet personality to go along with it! Do you think he’d be the perfect fit for your family? Contact us today!

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