Felicity – Adopted!!!


born ~July 2019

36 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housebroken!

“Do you know what I definitely believe in? Fate — that things happen for a reason.” – Felicity, Felicity

Welcome Felicity! Felicity is a happy, playful 8 month old pup who currently weighs around 36lbs. Our dearest Felicity loves her food and thus needs to lose a few of those pounds to get her summer bod ready before beach weather begins! 

Felicity is working on house-training but is crate-trained! While she knows she’s supposed to go to the bathroom outside, she sometimes gets a little excited in those few moments before a walk and has an accident! She doesn’t have a signal yet but sleeps through the night and keeps her crate clean! She loves to chase treats into her kennel and then is quiet as a mouse through the night while she sleeps. She’s currently working on sit! 

Felicity lives with other dogs in her foster home and absolutely loves to play. She does well chasing, wrestling, and even sharing toys! She’s submissive and sweet with the other dogs she meets, and is constantly searching for a play partner! When it comes to people, Felicity is a big fan! She loves to meet new people and gives lots of kisses! She is as sweet as they come. She’s currently more interested in other dogs rather than people, but is happy to stop by for a kiss or two every now or then! If you’re lucky and catch her at a tired time, she’s even down to cuddle.

Our girl is learning leash manners, which is good because she loves to go on walks and jogs! She needs a few heavy duty play sessions or trips to the park to get some of that energy out! She does well in her crate and settles in there, but she definitely needs a good romp beforehand! 

This girl has a great smile and loves to give leg hugs in exchange for pets and kisses. Are you looking for a syrupy sweet addition to the family? Contact us today!

Athens Canine Rescue
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Athens, GA 30604