Freya – Adopted!!!


born ~September 2017

25 lbs

Crate trained!


Welcome Freya! Freya is an energetic 1 year old Fiest x Min-Pin mix who currently weighs 25 pounds, and is currently looking for a furever family to play with. 😊

Freya is housebroken and crate trained! She’s starting to learn that sitting by the door is a good way to let Foster Mom know when she has to go out. Freya will go into her kennel on command, with or without the extra encouragement of a yummy treat. Freya is working on learning to keep all four paws on the ground when she’s excited, but told us that she’s just trying to get closer to give her friends kisses. 😊 Freya has also learned the commands sit, lay down, and shake!

Freya is cat-friendly! She is a bit curious about them, but will leave them alone when Foster Mom asks, or when her feline-buddy tells her to go away. She has also been around kids, and is very excited about being their buddy and showering them with kisses! Freya can be a bit shy of new dogs, but quickly learns that they are destined to be buddies. Once they are buddies, Freya become very playful – especially when she gets to play with them at the dog park!

Freya is a very active pup, and would do well with a family who loves to hang out at the dog park, go on runs, or one who has another energetic pup to play with! Freya has a sixth sense for playing – if someone turns their head and looks at Freya while she’s laying down, Freya can feel that another play session is about to happen. Even though Freya loves playing, she also loves attention – but doesn’t whine to get it. If her buddies are busy, Freya will self-entertain by chewing on some of her own toys or by practicing her slipper throwing skills.

Think you’re the adventure buddy Freya has been dreaming of? Contact us today!

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