Garth – Adopted!!!


born ~December 2016

35 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“Choose to chance the rapids, And dare to dance the tide” – Garth Brooks, The River

Garth is 2.5 years old and weighs a healthy 35 pounds. He’s settled into Foster Mom’s home, and has shown off his fun-loving and laid-back personality. This fun-loving and laid-back dude does well with dogs, and is sure to dance his way into your heart!

Not only can Garth dance, he can whistle too! Garth is fully potty trained, and likes to whistle to let his Foster Mom know that he has to go out. He is still learning the command to go into his kennel, but will happily go inside for a treat! Once inside his kennel, Garth stays pretty quiet and just uses that time to relax and nap! Garth is working on learning the commands “sit” and “come.” 

Garth is canine and feline friendly! He lives with Foster Mom’s personal dog, and does well with him. Garth is a submissive dog, but still enjoys playing and romping around with his canine-buddies. He lives in a home with cats, and is easily redirected if he becomes interested in them. Garth hasn’t met any children just yet, but due to his laid-back nature and size, we suspect he would do well with them. As far as exercise goes, Garth doesn’t need a lot. His perfect day is one where he gets to sleep in, and then has a little romp or short walk before he goes down for his mid-day nap.

Garth is a pretty happy-go-lucky type of dog, who loves making friends will any human he meets! He recently discovered how wonderful it is to be pet, and absolutely melts when Foster  Mom scratches his head. But, Garth isn’t needy about getting this attention – he’s just happy with what attention he gets. When Garth gets excited, he likes to show off his sweet dance moves and play footsie – he’s certain you’ll be impressed!

Ready to dance into Garth’s life? Then contact us today, he can’t wait to meet you!

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