Ginger Snap


born ~August 2019

16 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housebroken!!!

And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Welcome Ginger Snap! At just 6 months old, Ginger Snap is 25 pounds, but will likely get to around 30 pounds (which of course, is just an estimate)! Ginger Snap’s hair is officially all grown back in and is soon going to get spayed.

Ginger Snap is 100% crate-trained, and nearly house-trained! She keeps her crate clean during the night, and has perfect manners during the day when she’s in her kennel! She even goes into her kennel with the command, “kennel up”. Ginger Snap has started to signal her Foster Mom by circling when she has to go potty, so her being housetrained is just upon the horizon! Her only qualm currently is she doesn’t like rain, so she has accidents when it’s raining – but hey, who can blame her?

For a dog her size, Ginger Snap can hold her own with the big dogs! She’s still learning how to appropriately play, but her siblings are teaching her and she’s quickly got it! She loves to play and run around, and her siblings happily oblige! She’s a bit more submissive, but overall loves to romp around. Once she’s fully vaccinated and healthy enough, Ginger Snap would likely be a great candidate for dog park visits!

Ginger Snap has also met cats! She is interested in playing “tag” when her kitty friends run, but will stop when her foster parents get onto her. She will happily cuddle them and give them kisses if they let her!

She’s a pretty confident pup, but humans are a tad intimidating! She can be a bit shy at first but once she knows you’re a friend, she’s obsessed and LOVES you!

Ginger Snap is all play-play-play or snuggle-snuggle-snuggle – there’s no in-between! She needs to get her energy out when she has it, but will snuggle when she’s tired! She does best with heavy play sessions during the day to get her energy out – she’s a big run (not walk) girl.

Ginger Snap is tiny but mighty in all the best ways! She can beat up her 65 pound foster brother, and hold her own with all her canine pals! Just like her namesake, Ginger Snap is sweet and spicy – the best combination.

Stay tuned as Ginger Snap flourishes with Athens Canine Rescue! If you are interested in helping with Ginger Snap’s medical bills please consider donating to Athens Canine Rescue. Stay tuned as we learn more about this soon-to-be pretty pup.


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