Gizmo – Adopted!!!


born ~January 2019

8 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housebroken!

“Bye bye, bark bark woof woof.” Gizmo, in Gremlins 

Welcome Gizmo! This tiny lion-maned chihuahua mix is about a year old and a hefty 8 pounds! With a big personality, this little dude is everything you want in a little dog and more! 

Gizmo is crate-trained and working on perfecting his house skills! Little Giz is great in his crate all night and even goes in on his own (but a treat never hurt no-one!). He knows the “go to bed” command and walks great on a leash! 

Gizmo has lived with several different dogs and has done well with all of them! He doesn’t particularly like being stepped by the bigger dogs, but hey – who would? He’d likely be a great candidate for a dog park with a small dog section, where our friend can romp around without fear of giants! He’s pretty intimidated by cats, but once his confidence grows, it’s likely he’ll just ignore them. 

Gizmo met a three year old, and did well! He seems to love people particularly large amounts and will ask for snuggles and kisses from everyone! Gizmo LOVES love, and will perch on foster mom’s shoulder or right by her head, in order to get as close to her as possible and shower her with ALL the kisses he thinks she deserves! 

Little Giz has been really active in his home currently! Whether that be because he needed to mark everything in the house as his pre-neuter (ah, toddlers), or because he’s just getting to know his new home, Gizmo has been on the move! Over time though, it seems he’s settling down and would much prefer cuddles to play sessions! 

Do you have a chihuahua-sized lion shaped hole in your family right now? Well Gizmo just might be the one for you! Contact us today!

Athens Canine Rescue
P.O. Box 7064
Athens, GA 30604