Goose – Adopted!!!


born ~December 2019

8 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning House-breaking!

“Maverick : I feel the need…

Goose : …the need for speed!” — Top Gun (1986)

Introducing Goose! At just 7.5 pounds, and rapidly growing, Goose is going to be a BIG dog! The vets estimate between 60-100 pounds at this point, but that’s just an estimate! All we know is that Goose is a BIG six week old pup!

Like most puppies, Goose is not house or crate trained. He is steadily working on it and after some brief aversion to grass (who can blame him?!), Goose has fallen in love with playing outside! He will go inside his crate for food, but he does currently sing the song of his people while he is in the crate, demanding that he get attention! 

In his short time with us, Goose has met lots of pups and has done well with them! He’s a very brave boy, and has even taken on the task of walking his foster brother, another great pyrenees mix, Amos

Meeting new people is Goose’s FAVORITE thing! Every person he meets is his new best friend and he’ll bunny hop over to say a quick hello before attacking your shoe strings! He gives lots of kisses and cuddles, and is everything you want in a pup! 

Goose is pretty mild energy for a baby! It likely will change as he continues to get a hold on his world, but as of right now, he toddles around! He just likes to explore, but will let you hold him if you really insist! 

Goose is ALL puppy, and ready to be raised to be everything you’ve dreamed of – ya just gotta put in the work! Are you ready? Contact us today!


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