Graham – Adopted!!!


born April 10, 2022

~35 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!!

Nearly Housebroken!

“I’m tough on the outside and soft on the inside… I’m really a shy guy.”
– Milo Ventimiglia

Welcome Graham! At 7 months old and just about 35 pounds, this blonde hunk is our final puppy from the Summertime Litter born back in April. It took us a while to get him listed because Graham has had some medical ups and downs and we were waiting for him to completely stabilize before we released him for adoption. So! The bad news is that Graham was born with mega esophagus, a lifelong condition that can require a host of necessary accommodations. But the good news is that Graham’s case has been officially deemed mild: He is no longer on medication and does not need to be kept upright for meals, as many other animals with ME do. Graham is on special food (and will need to be for life) and requires supervision when drinking (if he drinks too fast, it’s not staying down), but he is otherwise happy and healthy.

Graham is juuuuuust about housebroken; he does best on a schedule, and will be fully trained in no time. He is also crate trained, and enjoys a Kong or a puzzle toy to keep himself busy while in there. He reliably responds to “sit” and “lay down” and is often described by foster mom as “just the best boy.”

Right now Graham lives with other dogs, cats, and kids. He loves children but can still do a bit of puppy-nipping when excited. And let’s just say he loves the cats, but the way he shows his love doesn’t necessarily get him any love back. (Foster mom says he finds the cats “fun to harass.”) With his doggie siblings, though, he’s down to play, play, play. Do be aware that he tends to put on a tough-guy act with new dogs, which means he will need structured introductions and guidance until he relaxes and runs off to romp with his new friend(s).

With humans, Graham is loving and eager to please, but not demanding. His speciality is a drive-by kiss on his way to grab a toy or head outside, and while he can certainly be coaxed into a snuggle, he’s independent enough to do his own thing when you’re busy. Tug is his favorite game, and he also loves his playtime with his doggie siblings. And, uh, we hope you have lots of towels ready, because this boy loves him some water (hose, pond; it doesn’t matter).

This very good pup is ready for a forever home where he can continue working on his manners and be appreciated for the soft-hearted sweetheart he truly is underneath that swagger. Do you find yourself with an unquenchable need to boop that adorable pink snoot ASAP? Contact us today!

Athens Canine Rescue
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