Grond – Coming Soon


born ~May 2020

8 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning House Breaking!

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” – Galadriel, The Fellowship of the Ring

Welcome, Grond! This 10-pound Chi mix is around a year and a half old, and is an absolutely precious ball of scruff. What he may lack in size he makes up for in personality! 

Grond is new to Athens Canine Rescue, and he is in the early stages of his housebreaking and crate training, but he is off to a great start so far. He’s able to keep his crate clean, and even though Grond would much rather be out of his crate and partying with his friends, he is able to settle himself down after only a few minutes of protesting. 

This charming boy has been living in a home with many other animals, and while he’s very interested in getting to know cats, cats aren’t as interested in getting to know him. Don’t tell him though because he’d be crushed! Grond loves a good opportunity for a game of chase with his buddy Rayla, and we think he’d do great in a home with another dog or on his own; he’s pretty flexible!

Since Grond has gotten along swimmingly with every dog we’ve seen him meet, we think he’d love a trip to the dog park every now and then, and daily walks or a play session with a brother or sister would be just right for him. 

Grond is a confident young man, and he loves people. He’ll let them pick him up and pet him, and he rewards affection with some sweet kisses. If Grond had his way, he’d be a permanent side kick to his human all day long, and with how cute he is, we wouldn’t blame someone if they wanted that too!

Grond may be scruffy on the outside, but he is all love on the inside. Could this pocket-sized pooch be just the right fit for your family? Contact us today! 

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