born ~August 2018

37 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“Hanzo at your service” – Hanzo, Overwatch

Welcome Hanzo! Hanzo is a one year old, 38 pound ball of energy and love! 

Hanzo is housebroken and kennel trained! He signals by pacing around, letting Foster Mom know that he needs to be let out. Hanzo will bark a few times once put into his kennel, but then will lay down and relax until Foster Mom returns. Hanzo knows the command “sit,” and is working on mastering the command “go to bed.”

Hanzo is feline and dog friendly. While at one of our foster homes, he saw a cat on the other side of the gate and didn’t even try to sniff at them! Hanzo currently lives with another dog, and gets along great with them, and is pretty go-with the flow – Hanzo even lets his canine-roommate takes toys from his mouth! Hanzo has also hung out with small humans, and is very patient and kind with them. 

Hanzo has a moderate amount of energy, and needs to have some good outlets to get his wiggles out. One of his favorite ways to get his energy out is through walks – just the other day he tried to put his leash on himself, and needed Foster Mom to help get him untangled! If it’s not time for a walk, then Hanzo is down for a good game of tug-of-war or fetch, or a little romping session with his canine-buddies. Once playtime is over, Hanzo is ready to get some scritches, snuggle up on his blanket, and rest up for the next play time!

Ready to make Hanzo part of your family? Then contact us today – he can’t wait to hang out with you!

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