Harley – Adopted!!!


born ~October 2018

27 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housebroken!

“Harley Quinn: Hey, aren’t you that plant lady? Poison Oaky?

Poison Ivy: Ivy! Poison Ivy!

Harley: Sorry! Harley Quinn! Pleased to meet ya!

-Batman: The Animated Series, Season 1, ep. “Harley and Ivy” (1993)”

Welcome Harley! Harley is 1 year old and 27 pounds of toy-chasing fun! This sweetheart may be shy at first, but once she warms up, she loves playing and cuddling in your lap.

Harley is crate trained, and is just about fully potty trained! She enjoys hanging out in her kennel, but also loves a good nap on the couch if given the opportunity. She knows the command “sit” and over the past few weeks with her foster mom has built so much confidence! While she is medium to higher energy, Harley doesn’t need constant attention, and can entertain herself by throwing around some of her toys or chewing on a treat. 

Harley is feline friendly! She currently lives with a couple of cats, and while she is curious about them she hasn’t chased them. She also lives with other dogs, and gets along well with them. 

Harley has grown more fond of walks and now enjoys them immensely! She’s been to the dog park and enjoys it, but is currently more comfortable bounding around with smaller pups! As her confidence grows, Foster Mom thinks she’ll be a dog park regular, and will likely be a great dog park dog for her future adoptive family! 

Harley is a ham, and loves to be around her people! Her version of snuggling involves resting her head beneath Foster Mom’s chin, and receiving gentle little kisses on her nose! She always has her snuggles radar alert and ready to find Foster Mom if she feels she needs a little affection! She loves to be around her people – whether that’s for a good cuddle session, or for her to shower you with kisses (or you, her!). 

Does she sound like the perfect girl for you? Are you ready to add this sweet gal to your life? Then contact us today, she can’t wait to give you a smooch!

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P.O. Box 7064
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