Harrie – Adoption Pending!


born ~February 2018

40 lbs.

Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken

“You’re a good boy, Harrie!” – Hagrid to ACR Harrie

Welcome Harrie! Harrie is a 11 month old border collie mix, and weighs ~40 pounds. We think he’ll top out in the mid 40’s once full grown, but he’s basically there!

Harrie is still learning that inside is for lounging and hanging out with the fam, not pottying. He is starting to wait to go outside to do his business, and we hope he’ll be potty trained soon! Harrie has, however, mastered kennel training! He will happily run in his kennel if he knows a treat is waiting for him, but doesn’t need a treat to go in.

Harrie is canine-friendly! He loves to wrestle with other dogs, and will sleep beside them when they’re not playing. 😊 Harrie has also hung out with some kids, and did well with them. Harrie can be pretty submissive with people, often showing his belly to them or giving a bark or two to see if the person is friendly. Once you’ve shown that you’re a friend, he’ll be a super affectionate pup.

Harrie would make a great running partner for his future human companion! If running isn’t your style, then some good play sessions or walking some trails would leave Harrie content. Other than playing, Harrie also enjoys chewing on bones…and also chasing the bones down after they slip out of his grasp. 😂 He is also a very affectionate and loving pup, and would enjoy a family who wants to love him and be loved on by him!

Think you’re the companion Harrie has been waiting for? Contact us today!

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