Harvey – Adopted!!!


born ~February 2018

35 lbs.

 Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken

Welcome Harvey! Harvey is a ~10 month old terrier x super mutt mix, currently weighing ~35 pounds. We think he’ll top out around 40-45 pounds once full grown!

Harvey is nearly potty trained! He knows to sit by the door when he wants to go out, but isn’t always willing to wait. Harvey is, however, crate trained! Harvey will go into the kennel given a treat or toy, and quiets down quickly once inside. Harvey responds well to corrections, so he’s a quick learner overall! He’s quite a smart pup and loves to use his brain to solve puzzles, learn new tricks, and figure out what Foster Mom wants from him.

Harvey is cat-friendly! For the most part, he’ll leave a cat alone; occasionally he’ll try to get the cat to play with him, but backs off with a quick reminder. Harvey has met other dogs, and currently lives with a few! Harvey is very playful with other dogs, and loves being able to wrestle and chase with them. He can get a little mouthy and jumpy when playing with his human-buddies, and doesn’t quite understand yet that how you play with canine-friends isn’t the same as how you play with human-friends. However, Foster Mom is working with him on this, and says that he’s starting to learn the difference!

Harvey is an energetic puppy, and is happiest when he gets that energy out. He benefits from moderate exercise – so long walks, play sessions, trips to the dog park, you name it! Once he’s a little older and done growing, he’d probably make a great adventure dog, dog sport participant, or running partner. When he isn’t playing, he’ll either be napping or trying to get some attention from Foster Mom. Harvey hasn’t quite figured out snuggling yet, but he’s working on it! If Foster Mom is busy, he’s able to entertain himself.

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