Hayley – Adoption Pending!


born ~October 2018

28 lbs.

Crate trained!


“If you ever think about giving up, remember why you held on for so long.” – Hayley Williams of Paramore

Welcome Hayley! Hayley is the pup that everyone wants. She’s a great size at 28 lbs and 8 months old. She’s got a low-key demeanor, loves to snuggle, and loves playing with other dogs!

Hayley is potty trained and kennel trained! She hasn’t had any accidents in the home, and keeps her kennel clean while in it. Hayley already goes into her kennel on her own, and doesn’t even need the encouragement of food to go in there! She stays mostly quiet while in the home – except for the occasional bark to let Foster Mom know that there is someone at the door. Hayley is working on building up her confidence, and Foster Mom is starting to teach some general commands to Hayley.

Hayley is good with other dogs! She is especially playful with Foster Mom’s smaller dogs. Hayley can be initially shy when meeting new dogs and people, but warms up quickly. Hayley was able to hang out with some children at a recent adoption event, and stayed calm and well-behaved while hanging out with them.

Even though she’s a puppy, Hayley is pretty laid back – she’s content with a few short walks, backyard zoom sessions, and some time to chew on her toys. What she loves most of all is snuggling! She lets Foster Mom know just how much she appreciates her by showering her with cuddles and kisses, but understands that some people don’t want to be constantly licked. 😜

Ready to show Hayley that you’re the one she has been holding out for? Then contact us today!

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