HeiHei (Adoption Pending!) and Tala (Adoption Pending!)


born ~November 2020

5 lbs.

Learning Crate Training! 

Learning House Breaking!

Introducing HeiHei and Tala! These two puppies are part of a four puppy litter (including Maui and Moana!) that are new to ACR. They are currently weighing in at around 5 pounds at 6 weeks and should end up around 40-50 pounds when full grown (but that’s just our best estimate!)

HeiHei is the male, who is predominantly white with black markings and Tala is the female, with a brindle and white coat! HeiHei is the calmer of the two, loving to snuggle any chance he get, while Tala is the life of the party, always getting into something!

Since they are puppies, with proper socialization, they should be able to acclimate to almost any household.

Stay tuned as we learn more about the pups and see their personalities blossom!

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