born ~August 2018

53 lbs.

Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken

Welcome Henry! Henry is a 5 month old scruffy puppy, and currently weighs 53 pounds. He is going to be a big boy once he’s full grown, probably topping out in the 70s-ish range.

Henry is almost potty trained! He has started signalling by whining by the door to let Foster Mom know that he has to go outside, and keeps his kennel clean while Foster Mom is away. He is nearly kennel trained, Henry just needs a little food encouragement to go inside. He may whine for a little bit once he is inside the kennel, but quickly quiets down. Henry is very treat motivated, so we think he’ll pick up new tricks and skills quickly! Since Henry is a puppy and former yard dog, he is still learning what manners are; one of the main things he is working on is keeping all four paws on the ground when he is excited!

Henry loves having canine friends! He currently lives with Foster Mom’s personal dog, and does well with her. Henry loves to get a little rambunctious during playtime, but has shown to respond very well to corrections from other dogs! Henry is a very confident puppy, and is happy to be around humans – be them strangers or friends. He especially loves giving kisses and soaks up any attention you give him.

Henry loves to live a very active lifestyle. He currently goes on daily long walks, and gets his other energy out through play sessions with his canine-friends. Henry would do great in an active family, or one who has another dog for Henry to play with! If he isn’t playing, you can probably find Henry looking at his reflection trying to say, “hey!” to the dog looking back at him or waiting for Foster Mom to sit and relax so that he can climb on her back. 😂

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