Herman – Adopted!!!


born ~April 2017

65 lbs.

Crate trained!


“Dancing has never been of my strong points I guess you could say that I have two left paws.” – Herman (Herman Munster, The Munsters)

Herman may not be one of our most graceful dogs, but he is one of the sweetest and happiest! Herman is a ~1.5 year old Boxer x American Bulldog mix, weighing in at ~65 pounds.

Herman is nearly potty trained! He hasn’t had an accident with Foster Mom, but we want to watch him for a little while longer before we say that he’s fully potty trained! Herman is, however, fully crate trained! Herman will walk into his kennel on command, goes to his kennel to eat, and sleeps through the night in his kennel with no accidents. You won’t even notice when Herman is crated, he’s so quiet! While out and about in the house Herman won’t beg for you to give him attention, but this cuddle bug will definitely soak it up if Foster Mom/friends are available to give him some love!

Herman is great with other dogs! He currently lives with multiple dogs, including ACR adoptables Opal, Spike, and Emily. Herman is good at reading other dogs’ cues, knowing how to play rough with dogs that can handle it, but can be calm and submissive when needed. Herman and Emily currently love hanging out together, and have multiple good romps throughout the day together. You can often find him going around the home checking on his friends, and giving them kisses. As far as other people go, he loves them! Herman has never met a stranger, and assumes that every dog and person is a long-lost friend. We haven’t seen Herman with kids yet, but due to his happy demeanor we think he would do good with them.

Herman is the best of both worlds – energetic and playful at times, but able to relax around the house. If he isn’t playing with his foster siblings or with Foster Mom, he will gladly self-entertain with toys. Herman would be happy with a family who has a few good play sessions throughout the day, a canine-pal to play with, or someone to walk with throughout the neighborhood. However, he is also a great dog to take to the dog park – he loves leaping through the grass there and chasing tennis balls!

Think you’re the one for our lovable, go-with-the-flow goofball? Contact us today, and see if Herman is the dog for you!

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