Hopper – Coming Soon


born ~August 2015

62 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“You know what I would give? For a chance? You know what I would give?” Jim Hopper to Joyce, Stranger Things

Welcome Hopper! Hopper is a laid-back 4 year old dog who enjoys relaxing with his people. Hopper is undergoing heartworm treatment and will be available after he has recovered from that, but read on to learn about how great this guy is!

Hopper is completely house and kennel trained, and will go into his kennel on command. However, his foster family gives him full reign of the house when they are gone, as Hopper is respectful of the house while they are gone. Hopper is past the point of puppy antics, already knowing the rules of social etiquette – he has a healthy respect for food boundaries with both people and other dogs, and is overall just a gentleman. He also knows the commands “sit” and “shake.”

Hopper does great with other dogs! He loves playing with his canine-buddies, but is also able to relax with them if the other dog has a more calm personality. Hopper is always happy to make new friends, be they human or canine. He especially loves to cuddle up with his people, and gets excited whenever foster mom comes home … and when he realizes that she’s still home after she lets him back in from hanging out outside! 

Interested in helping fund Hopper’s medical care so that we can help more dogs like him? Donations are accepted via our website, and you can contact us if you’d like to help out or get more information on this gentleman!



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