born ~November 2017

31 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


Welcome Indie! Indie is 2 years old and 31 pounds of love. This sweet, happy girl loves curling up next to her human for some pets and treats.

This gal is potty trained AND crate trained! She prefers going on walks in order to do her business, and does her best to make friends while she’s out there! Indie is also kennel trained – provided a little food encouragement. Once she’s in her kennel, she’s ready to relax and nap until her people come back. Indie is also learning a few different tricks. She already has “sit” mastered, and is working on “lay down” and “stay.”

Indie is a little bit of a chameleon, matching the vibes and energy level of the animals around her. She currently lives with a smaller dog, and gets along great with her! If her friend is up-beat and ready to play, then Indie is down for that – but if it’s more of a Netflix-and-Nap kinda day, she’s there for that too. Indie loves getting to snuggle with her people, but isn’t demanding about getting attention. She really is just content to be in the same area as them. 😊

Indie is also a HUGE fan of other dogs. She loves to try to make friends with the neighborhood dogs while out on walks, and enjoys having play sessions with her foster mom’s dog. We think Indie would love to be in a home with another canine-companion, but would do fine if she was the only one. 

Think you’re family is the one Indie has been dreaming of? Then contact us today!

Athens Canine Rescue
P.O. Box 7064
Athens, GA 30604