Ivy – Adoption Pending!


born ~September 2016

31 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housebroken!

​​“Harley Quinn: Hey, aren’t you that plant lady? Poison Oaky?

Poison Ivy: Ivy! Poison Ivy!

Harley: Sorry! Harley Quinn! Pleased to meet ya!

-Batman: The Animated Series, Season 1, ep. “Harley and Ivy” (1993)\

Welcome Ivy! Ivy is around 2-3 years old and weighs 31 pounds, and is friends with ACR adoptable Harley. She knows the command “sit” and loves to get a good belly rub.

Ivy is fully kennel trained, and is almost 100% potty trained! Ivy loves her kennel, and truly views it as her safe space. She will go in by herself, and often hangs out in it during the day. She gets excited when foster mom gets home, but contains herself really well and respectfully shares her happiness! 

Ivy shares a home with other dogs and some cats, and does well with them – she hasn’t tried to chase the cats and is only a tad curious about what they are! She’s gentle with them, and generally leaves them alone. 

Ivy has really blossomed since she’s been with foster mom, and has begun to show who she is! What once was a shy dog is now one smitten with exploring the world! She doesn’t need a lot of exercise, and enjoys a solid walk or two to keep her in shape! What Ivy really loves is a good belly rub and affection; that’s just about enough to keep this sweet girl happy! Ivy’s most distinct feature other than her floppy ears, is her whine – it sounds more like a trill or a purr and it’s the sweetest thing! 

Ivy recently debuted her (very fitting) Poison Ivy costume, and did well! She was really tolerant of being dressed up, and even kept the wig on for a whole five minutes. Unlike her namesake though, Ivy is a bit of a princess, and will sometimes tiptoe around wet grass as to not get her paws wet! 

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