born ~September 2013

50 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!


“Love is strange and mysterious… just like jelly beans.” 

Ian Philpot

Welcome Jelly! Jelly is around 6-7 years old and still has all the energy of a pup half her age. She is a perfectly loveable size at 50 pounds and will be a total snug-bug to prove it!

Jelly is housebroken and is learning crate training. She sleeps through the night and is well-trained to chill in her own bed with a soft blanket. Jelly is still new to our foster family, so she has not been left alone for long periods of time yet. We don’t know how she will do on her own, but she generally seems to know how to mind her manners. 

Jelly goes to the dog park with her foster mom a couple of times a week, and she loves the other dogs there! She is a super friendly girl who gets excited to see all her new potential best friends. She does a great job behaving herself around cats and young children, too! She is nice and cautious and seems to understand that being around kids is a little different than playing with adults. Jelly is ready to take on the world – she trots right up to new people and new dogs to say “hi.” To Jelly, everything in life is fun and beautiful, so why not? 

Jelly’s affection level is idyllic – she knows she is a smidge big for little laps, so she is perfectly content to snuggle right up beside her people or take a spot on the floor nearby. She does love to cuddle though, and her favorite place is her head resting on your leg. 

This girl is working on becoming a strong independent jelly bean, but she would still prefer to have her person within her line of sight as she explores the great outdoors. Not much scares her – just your standard loud bangs and booms.  She just needs to learn to be a little less friendly; she doesn’t understand that not all dogs are as bright and happy as she is (but she wants to teach them, I think). 

Jelly knows “sit” and is working on a few other commands. She is still learning not to pull on the leash, but she just gets so darn excited about life, ya know? Her new home should be aware that she has the capability to escape a fence, so she should never be left outside unattended. The good news is, she isn’t too keen on taking off when her family is nearby, so a little training could go a long way. Jelly is a smart girl who will no doubt learn quickly, but no matter what, she will always want to be with her fam.

For fans of Jurassic World who have dreamt of having their own pet Suchomimus, we hear Jelly has the walk and talk down pat! Don’t let her goofy dino-moves fool you though, she is all about innocent puppy love cuddles. She is a zero-malice, sweet, loving gal.

Like her name implies, Jelly is a grab bag of all the most nostalgic, happy, heart-felt things in life. A little goofy, a lot of sweet, and all about making people smile. Contact us today to meet Jelly!

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