JoJo – Adopted!!!


born ~September 2016

47 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


Welcome JoJo! At just around three years old and 47 pounds, this girl is a pup who likes to just go with the flow. She just successfully finished treatment for heartworms, has received a clean bill of health, and is now available for adoption!

JoJo is 100% crate AND housetrained! JoJo will go into her kennel for a treat, and then goes to sleep right away until foster mom returns. Recently, our girl graduated to roaming the house free when foster parents are away, and she is known to just sleep the entire time! She is learning the commands “sit” and “stay,” but is a master of giving affection – Foster Mom and Dad ADORE that about her! 

JoJo is a social gal that loves to hang out with other dogs – she currently shares the house with multiple other pups and gets along great with them. She also does well with kids, as long as they are respectful with her! She recently attended an adoption event and did so well! She let everyone love on her and made so many new friends of all ages! 

Jojo is pretty moderate energy! She enjoys going on walks around the block with Foster Mom, and will mimic what her doggy pals are doing exactly, if they sniff, she sniffs! She likes to do what everyone else is doing and fit in!

This girl is a big personality wrapped into the cutest body! She’s apparently picked up the habit of hiding her “treasures” (like bones, balls, toys) in a special hiding place in the yard! Imagine the surprise of her foster parents when they found her stash of toys, after buying all new ones because they kept going missing! 

Want to add a lil JoJo to your life? Contact us today! Please consider donating via our website if you’d like to help us help more dogs like JoJo get the medical treatment they need 😊

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