Kacey – Adopted!!!


born ~February 2018

42 lbs.

Crate trained!


‘“Now I remember what it feels like to fly, You give me butterflies” – Kacey Musgraves, Butterflies

Meet Kacey! Kacey is an awesome pocket-pittie weighing 42 lbs and is about a year old. This girl loves to play, and will soak up all the attention her dog- and human-friends give her!

Kacey is housebroken and kennel trained! She will go into her kennel on command, and stays quiet when Foster Mom is gone. She currently lives with other dogs, and does well with them. We think that Kacey would do great living in a home with another dog for her to play with, but she doesn’t need that to be happy. She gets her energy out by wrestling with her canine buddies or entertaining herself with some chew toys, and especially loves when she gets to play outside. Kacey is your definition of a lovable dog, who just wants to play with her canine buddies, hang out with her feline friends, and snuggle with her people.

Kacey seems to be scared of only two things in life: vacuums, and young children. However, she has started to warm up to younger kids. But this is still a fear that she is trying to conquer, so Kacey would probably be most comfortable in a furever home doesn’t have young kiddos around. Besides that, Kacey absolutely loves meeting new people and finding more people to be part of her posse! She likes to show off how well rounded she is – she’s a dog that is down for a good wrestle session, but will then switch into her gentle dog mode and snuggle right up with you after it’s over.

Does Kacey give you butterflies? Then contact us today – she can’t wait to meet you!

Athens Canine Rescue
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