born ~January 2015

52 lbs.

Crate trained!


Welcome Kate! Kate is a 4-year old lab x schnauzer mix, and currently weighs 52 pounds. Kate is on a “new year, new me” resolution, and is working on losing a few pounds.

Looking for a dog that already has good house and kennel manners? Then Kate is the one for you! Kate is fully housebroken, and consistently signals when she has to go outside. She is also good in her kennel, but just needs a little food encouragement to go inside. Kate is working on becoming more comfortable in her new home with a different group of people, but once she opens up to you she just wants you to give her some love!

Kate is good with other dogs, and once she gets to know them she is playful with them. She is also good with kids, as she previously had many human siblings. Kate has the energy level that you would expect from a lab – moderate, but manageable. She is content with a few long walks, trips to the dog park, or long walks and play sessions with a human or canine companion.

When its not play time, Kate will surely be trying to get attention from you. It isn’t a one-way friendship though, Kate will be showering you with kisses and cuddles too!

Think you’re ready to show Kate what furever means? Contact us today!

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