Kida – Special Needs – Adopted!!!


born ~September 2018

55 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


Milo James Thatch: By the way, we were never properly introduced. My name’s Milo.

Princess Kidagakash “Kida”: My name is Kidagakash.

Milo James Thatch: Ki-ki-kidamaschnaga… Uh, hey, you got a nickname?

Princess Kidagakash “Kida”: Kida

Milo James Thatch: Okay, Kida. I can remember that.”   – Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

Welcome Kida!! 

Kida is a very special pup with special needs. At just 1 year old, this girl is 55 pound goofball who snorts like a pig when given watermelon because she so excited. She is housebroken and kennel trained, and enjoys hanging out in her kennel to relax and hide some of her favorite toys. When Foster Mom is away or needs to clean, Kida sleeps quietly in her kennel. Kida has also greatly improved her leash walking skills. Go Kida!

Kida has lived with multiple dogs, big and small, and got along well with them! She even lived with a small dog and did well with her. She currently lives with a cat and does well with them, other than sometimes being a wobbly mess and needing some extra supervision. Kida doesn’t play a lot with her dog-roommates, but happily shares space and mostly respects their boundaries. Occasionally she bumps into them while playing but she just can’t contain her excitement at times!  While some dogs get the zoomies, Kida gets bouncy! She is just soooo happy everything she touches instantly makes it the best day ever and she bounces off somewhere else! Once she finds her people in her bouncy zoomies, it’s time to shower them in kisses and get all the pets! When she finishes bouncing around it’s time for a puppy power nap. 

There are some funny things that makes Kida so loveable. She is a regular at the dog park, and has learned that if she pretends she can’t walk, she can prolong her stay there! Foster Mom has begun to have to carry her to the car when they’re done at the dog park – all a part of her plan! Kida snores when she’s both awake and asleep, and reliably falls off the dog bed each time she goes to sleep. She can’t always jump on the couch by herself and will cry until foster mom relents and does it – sometimes jumping off the couch once on just to have foster mom put her up there again. 

Kida is overall a laid back gal that doesn’t need much exercise (outside of her bouncies) and she does a wonderful job at self-entertaining with toys. She goes to the dog park about three times a week, where she loves to sit by the people on the benches and soak up all the attention they give her! 

Medical Needs:

So what makes Kida so very special? She has a rare genetic storage disease. This is a metabolic disorder for which there are no cures, treatments, or therapies and is progressively degenerative. Essentially her body on a cellular level lacks the ability to recycle and regenerate cells in her central nervous system (brain and spine). She is currently clumsy, slow to learn new tasks, and at times is easily confused. As she gets older her symptoms will worsen and she may even develop seizures. Dogs who suffer from storage diseases often need their family to make a quality of life decision once their symptoms become too much. Kida currently is doing well, is happy and enthusiastic, and LOVES life. But every pup with a storage disease progresses at a different rate and we don’t know how long, or short, Kida may have. We hope she has years of bouncies ahead of her of course and that’s why we are seeking out a very special family for her. But we (nor the vets) can promise anything more than day by day Kida is happy. Leashes currently confuse Kida and she is struggling to learn to walk on one so her ideal family will have a fenced yard for her to safely potty and play in. Since Kida is prone to being uncoordinated and this will only increase with time she needs a home free of stairs or where stairs can be easily blocked with gates so she is not a danger to herself. A family member should also be capable of lifting and carrying her when she becomes confused or falls. 

Ready to bounce through life and this diagnosis together with Kida? Then contact us today!

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