born ~ July 2018

39 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly housebroken!

“Theme Song: He’s the sovereign lord of the nation / He’s the hippest cat in creation / He’s the Alpha, the Omega, A to Z / And this perfect world will spin / Around his every little whim / ‘Cause this perfect world begins and ends with…

Kuzco: Me!”    – Kuzco, The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

Welcome Kuzco! This one year old, 40 pound pup is a little shy but happy to be in his new foster home! Kuzco lives in a home with multiple dogs and cats, and does well with them.

Kuzco is new to the ACR family, so he’s still learning where is okay to do his business, but should have that mastered soon. He will go into his kennel for a treat, and quiets down after a few minutes. After those first few minutes, Kuzco is ready to just rest up until Foster Mom gets home! Kuzco is learning the command “sit,” and already knows “go to bed.” He also is well mannered on leash, but is learning to stick to one side of the sidewalk when walking.

Kuzco is cat friendly! Foster Mom has a couple of cats which Kuzco mostly ignores, just giving them a concerned look if they start to come near him. He lives with multiple other dogs, and has become a good friend of ACR adoptable Scrat. The two of them enjoy a good game of chase – where Kuzco does the chasing and Scrat does the evading! Besides that, Kuzco seems to enjoy hanging out with people more than his four-legged friends. He does need a little time to warm up to strangers, but we hope that he’ll overcome his shyness as he meets more people.

Kuzco has a low – medium energy level. Some walks or a few play sessions are enough to keep him content. He is happy to get attention, but is still learning how wonderful getting pets is. Even though Kuzco can be shy, he is taking steps to overcome this – like by giving Foster Mom gentle kisses! 

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