Lacey – Adopted!!!


born ~September 2011

65 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him.” – W. Bruce Cameron, A Dog’s Journey

Introducing Lacey! You may recognize this sweet girl because she was a part of our program before. Lacey was adopted years ago but returned when one of her human siblings developed severe allergies to her. Lacey is fully-grown at 65 pounds, she’s about 9 years young, and she is excited for whatever life has to offer her next! 

Lacey is housebroken and crate-trained already. She sleeps soundly all night long in her crate, and even though she’d usually rather be snuggled up on the couch or in a dog bed, she’ll even enter the crate willingly (as long as there’s a treat in there waiting for her!) and wait there quietly until it’s time to come out. When Foster Dad is home with her, she’ll even choose to lay down in her crate for a nap every now and then. When she is let out, she’s extra excited and affectionate, so post-crate Lacey is a welcome sight when coming home from a long day of work! 

Lacey is a queen of the castle, of course, and she’d like a home where she is the only furry friend around. Other dogs make Lacey nervous, so dog parks are not a fun environment for her. Lacey is used to being around children, and when she has met a few of her neighbors recently, she has been nothing but patient and affectionate with every human she meets — big or small. 

She is the perfect couch potato to keep you company at home for those cold days, and she’ll be there for you on those days when you just need a friend. She is such a polite pup, and she will wait for an invitation to hop up on furniture. If the couch isn’t available, her second favorite location is wherever the sun is shining — she’ll move her nap spots as the sun moves to make sure that she’s able to bask in the light. Lacey is working on her tricks, too. Right now, she knows how to “sit” and “leave it,” and catching treats that are tossed her way. This girl loves to show off and make her humans happy! 

Lacey loves to go on daily walks for exercise, and when she hears shoes put on, the leash grabbed, and the treat jar lid opened, she knows it’s go-time and dances around in anticipation. It’s not too hard to make this laid-back, loving lady happy!

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