born ~April 2017

58 lbs.

Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken

Meet Lola! Lola is a gorgeous two year old, 58 pound pup who always has an ear open for her friends!

Lola is house trained and kennel trained! She needs the extra help of a milkbone or other tasty treat to get into the kennel, but stays calm and relaxed once inside. She didn’t quite understand what treats were when Foster Mom first got her, but now she loves them! Foster Mom is working on reinforcing “sit” with Lola, and is teaching her “down” and “leave it.”

Lola is a gentle and submissive gal! She lives with other dogs, and has done well with the dogs that she has met. Although she can be a little shy at first, Lola showed off her friendliness at a recent adoption event when she let young kids and teenagers love on her! Besides giving hugs, she loves to give affection back by giving her friends some nice dog kisses. 💖

Lola doesn’t need a lot of exercise to be happy. Just a few short-long walks a day and she’ll be content. But, we think Lola would love to go hiking or walk some trails with her furever person if they were interested in that! Ultimately, Lola just wants to make her people happy and to be happy herself – what more is there to ask for?

Think you’re ready to be as good of a friend to Lola as she is to everyone else? Then contact us today!

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