Lucy – Adopted!!!


born ~July 2016

55 lbs.

crate trained!


Meet Lucy! Lucy is about a year and a half old and weighs ~51 lbs. This lil lab mix doesn’t believe in best friends at first sight, but once she gets to know you y’all will be best friends for life! Lucy has some medical needs (see below) but don’t let that deter you from meeting her 😁

Don’t have the time or energy to potty train a dog? Do you already have one dog and want another to keep her/him company? Look no further – Lucy is fully housebroken, crate trained (as long as there are yummy treats waiting for her in the crate), loves car rides, and loves hanging out with other doggy friends! She shows off her social skills at the dog park, being both gentle and respectful of less confident dogs but also will be sure to get her wiggles out with her furrends. Since Lucy is such a social pup, she really would love to join a family where she could have other dog siblings to hang out with at home. If she is an only child, trips to the dog park would be necessary to keep up her confidence and her happiness.

While Lucy loves the dog park, she’d also be content with a long walk combined with some family play time – she isn’t high energy, but she definitely needs to get those wiggles out! Speaking of wiggles – she loves wiggling around when she sees someone she knows! If you’re lucky, you might get to join the elite crew of those that she shows off her toys to! She isn’t demanding of your attention, but she loves pretending to be a shadow, occasionally breaking character to go explore her surroundings.

Lucy has grown quite a bit since she joined the ACR family! She’s learned that hoomans have treats, so if you’re a new friend be sure to keep those handy! She also has learned that vacuums are no longer a foe, and loves to show off her newly learned tricks in exchange for some yummy goodies! If you have older, calmer kids she’d especially love to show off these tricks to them, but not so much younger, more rambunctious kiddos. She also shouldn’t have any feline siblings, as she thinks that they want to play a game of chase when really they just want to nap 😁

Overall, lil Lucy is a sweetheart who loves the best of both worlds: being a social butterfly at the dog park, but also relaxing at home with Foster Mom. Once you gain her trust, she’ll love you forever! Apply for Lucy and see this lil lovable, wiggley pup in action!

MEDICAL NEEDS: In January 2018, Lucy was diagnosed with a type of elbow dysplasia called fragmented coronoid process (FCP). FCP is a developmental defect in which the bones in her elbow develop cracks and bone fragments. This causes joint instability which leads to arthritis and pain. In late March 2018, Lucy underwent surgery to remove the bone fragments in both elbows to reduce further damage to the joints. After several weeks of post-surgery crate rest, Lucy’s back to normal activity and is doing well! Surgery cannot undo any existing damage thus Lucy has mild arthritis already but it doesn’t slow her down. Since arthritis is degenerative, she will need a family prepared to help her as she ages. She has such a joy for life we just know she is worth it and someone out there with a special heart will think she is worth it too.


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