born ~February 2018

42 lbs

Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken

Welcome Lyanna! Lyanna is another one of our special pups, who shares the same confident personality as her doppelganger from Game of Thrones! She’s a 6-month old hound mix, and we think she’ll be 50 – 60 lbs once full grown!

Lyanna is nearly housebroken! We think with a little more time in her foster home that she’ll have this skill mastered in no time. She is also fully crate trained! Lyanna is very food motivated, and has learned that crate means treats! She will gladly lay down in her crate for a post-meal nap, and sleeps throughout the night without any accidents. Food is one of her favorite things, and Foster Mom has told us that Lyanna will rush into the other dog’s crates in hopes that she will get an extra treat!

Lyanna is also great with dogs! She loves to play with them, and has yet to meet a dog that she didn’t want to make her new best friend. Lyanna is a confident and bouncy puppy, but respects when older dogs tell her that enough is enough. Her favorite doggy-friend dates include sharing bones, a good game of tug-of-war, and wrestling! Lyanna doesn’t live with cats, but has met some at the vet. Due to her overly friendly demeanor, some cats might not like her in-your-face sniffing and excitement. We have yet to see her with children, but we think she would do especially well with older children as we continue to work on learning to keep all four paws on the ground.

Lyanna is a puppy who definitely needs a family willing to have some good play sessions with her throughout the day! She would also do great with a family who wants a good dog-park dog, or already have an energetic dog who wants a play partner. 😊

Lyanna is an extremely happy dog who would just love to be part of an active family and share all her love with them! Think you’re the one to give Lyanna a furever home? Contact us today!

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