Maggie – Special Needs


born ~January 2015

~55 lbs.

Crate trained!!!


“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

Maggie is an almost 4 year old, sweet and loving tripod who weighs around 55 pounds. From becoming a tripod as a puppy, being adopted only to be returned to ACR 3 years later as an adult, rupturing her cruciate ligament, and 6 months of crate rest to recover from that Maggie has had quite the rollercoaster of a life. She is ready to put these events behind her, and join a furever family that will love her as much as she loves them.

Maggie loves every person she meets. With her past, you might expect her to be a wary or nervous dog, but she’s not. She is the type of dog who will love you unconditionally, who gets whole-body wiggles because she’s so excited that you came home. Maggie has such an optimistic view of the world, viewing strangers as a best friends she hasn’t met yet, and is ready to share her love of life with everyone. 

Maggie is kennel trained and housebroken, although she doesn’t need to be kept in her kennel when her people are away. If left out in the house, Maggie will just sleep the day away on the bed / couch until her person comes home. Maggie enjoys going for walks, where she likes to show off her good leash manners and excellent people skills. Currently Maggie is okay with a few 20 minute walks every day, but would enjoy longer walks once her vet says that is okay. 

Maggie has a huge personality, and knows how to let her person know what she wants. She absolutely loves to get attention, can be a bit sassy in letting you know when she’s not getting enough. Maggie loves to be close to her person, and especially loves cuddling up with them to take a nap – FYI she’s a snorer. However, Maggie can also entertain herself with some of her favorite toys – like her kongs or toys that have food hidden in them. If she catches that you’re looking at her, she’ll probably wiggle over to you to ask for some butt scratches and belly rubs! 

Ready to give Maggie the family she’s been dreaming of? Then contact us today, she can’t wait to meet you!

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