born ~April 2012

12 lbs.

Crate trained!


Meet Malla! Malla is a middle-aged girl whose favorite thing is to sleep in her dog bed under the end table. This 12 lb cutie is really laid back and loves getting attention from everyone.

Malla is already fully potty trained and kennel trained, and is overall a laid-back dog. She lives with other dogs and does well with them, and we think would be fine in a feline-friendly home. At a recent adoption event Malla met a few young children, and wasn’t bothered by them. One of our favorite quirks that Malla has is that when she gets excited, she snorts! It’s beyond cute. She also loves going on walks!

Malla came to ACR pretty heavily matted, so at first when she seemed occasionally startled or misstepped foster mom thought perhaps her wild and crazy hair was blocking her field of vision. However, once Malla was all tidied up, it became clear that she was having vision trouble. She saw a specialist, who informed us that Malla has severe cataracts and noticeable damage to her retina. She still has some vision left and isn’t in pain but she’ll eventually be completely blind. However, Malla doesn’t need her vision to see how great her friends are!

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