born ~November 2013

67 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“With you, everyday is mangonificent!” 

Introducing Mango! This big ole guy is around six years old and weighs around 70 pounds. 

Mango is house trained and hasn’t had a single accident! He also doesn’t seem to mind the crate, especially when there is a piece of cheese involved. He’s now working on going into his crate without an incentive, but he’ll get there soon. He also knows how to sit! What a good boy. 

Mango lives in a home with two smaller dogs, and he’s done well with them. He does, however, prefer to be slowly introduced to his new friends. He probably won’t be a good dog park dog because he needs time to get to know other dogs before he wants to be pals. That’s okay though, he’s still got so much love to give. 

As far as people go, Mango is a huge fan. He’s a tad shy, but generally is super happy to meet new friends. 

Because he’s so mild-mannered, Mango is happy with just a few short walks or one long one to get his energy out. Once back, he’s happy to just spend his day lounging on the couch, snuggling with his people! 

Is there a Mango sized spot open on your couch, or in your bed? Contact us today! 

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