Mariah – Adopted!!!


born ~February 2018

26 lbs.

Crate trained!


“All I want for Christmas is yooooooou!” – Mariah

Welcome Mariah! Mariah is a 10 month old lab-husky-shepherd mix. She currently weighs 26 pounds, and we think she’ll top out in the 40s once she’s full grown! Mariah is currently being treated for some skin infections, but should be healed up in no time!

Mariah is housebroken! She hasn’t had an accident inside the house or inside her kennel, and she plans to keep it that way. Mariah is also kennel trained! She is still learning to walk in on command, and should master that soon. Mariah will sing one of her favorite songs once she sees Foster Mom walk away from the kennel, to remind her of the beautiful voice she is leaving behind; however, she quiets down once Foster Mom is out of sight!

Mariah is canine-friendly! She can get a little shy around dogs bigger than her, but overall plays well with other dogs. Mariah lives with multiple dogs, and loves being part of that pack! We think she’d be a good dog park dog, and would happily get her energy out by running around with her canine-buddies there. Mariah loves people, and will greet you with her ears back and body wiggling, preparing herself to shower you with hugs and kisses!

As far as energy goes, Mariah is currently content with some nice play sessions in Foster Mom’s backyard. She would probably do best with a family that’s willing to continue those daily play sessions, take her on walks, or a family that has a dog for her to play with throughout the day! If she isn’t playing you’ll probably find her sneaking up behind you to give you a quick hug and ask for some pets!

Overall Mariah is a laid-back pup who just wants a family to love on for the holidays. Think you’re the one to make her Christmas wish come true? Contact us today!

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