born ~March 2020

15 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“We are all stars but we must learn how to shine.” – Marilyn Monroe

Welcome Marilyn! This sweet girl is seven months old, fifteen pounds, and a bundle of fun! 

Marilyn is both crate-trained and housebroken already — what a smart girl! She is able to keep her crate clean throughout the night, and she’s able to hold her bladder until it’s time to go outside. She occasionally needs some encouragement (or a lift) to go outside, but she knows that’s the place to do her business. Unlike a lot of dogs, Marilyn more than tolerates her crate; she actually enjoys her time in there.

Marilyn currently lives in a foster home with older kids and other dogs, and she does well with both! She warms up quicker to humans than animals, but she’s growing in her confidence every day. When she meets new animals, she can be shy and nervous, but after a few days, she loves them and they become good buddies. We think that after a little more time, she’ll be more confident introducing herself to new dogs and get excited to see them at first sniff! 

Marilyn takes her cues from what’s going on around her. When people are lazing around and subdued, she likes to take the opportunity to get some couch snuggles and an afternoon nap in, but if there’s a lot going on, Marilyn can join in on the party. Marilyn would appreciate daily walks or a yard to run around in for her exercise. 

This beauty wants someone who will show her how much the world has to offer her! Could it be you? Contact us today!

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