born ~April 2017

26 lbs.

Crate trained!


“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” – (Bob) Marley

Welcome Marley! Marley is a cute two year old beagle mix, and weighs just 26 pounds! Marley is a pro at fetch, and can’t wait to show you her skills!

Looking for a pup who is already kennel trained and potty trained?? Then Marley is your gal! Marely is an A+ housemate, who won’t chew on your toys (only hers), and will go into her kennel on command! Besides that, she also knows how to “sit,” “leave it,” “shake,” and “drop” when asked. With her basic training taken care of, all you have to do is reinforce those tricks – or even teach her new ones!

Marley does well with low-key dogs, but is a decently introverted gal. She prefers hanging out with her human companions, but Foster Dad is working on showing her that playing with other dogs can be fun too! Marley especially loves playing fetch – she would play it all day if she could! With Marley, you don’t have to fetch the ball yourself; once she gets the ball, she’ll bring it right back to your feet and wait until you’re ready to throw it again. Marley is a moderate energy dog, who would be content with some good play sessions of fetch or tug-of-war, or walks throughout the day. When playtime is over, Marley will calm herself back down and relax.

Marley is also a pro cuddler! She isn’t a puppy anymore, but still has tons of puppy love to share with her people. She especially loves it when her people love on her and let her be a lapdog with them! However, Marley understands that she can’t get attention all the time, and is content to be by herself at times.

Ready to become the best fetching duo the world has ever seen? Contact us today, and see how much Marley loves your pitching skills

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