Mason – Adoption Pending!


born ~ December 2019

28 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Learning House-breaking!

Nothing makes me smile more than looking into the face of a dog that truly loves me.” 

Introducing Mason! This sweet boy is about five months old and currently weighs 34 pounds! Because he’s so young yet, he’ll likely reach around 45-50 pounds but that’s of course, just an estimate! 

Mason is currently working on housetraining. He keeps his crate clean and sleeps through the night, but has accidents when he gets too excited (and Foster Mom is working on it!) He is, however, crate-trained! He sees his crate as his safe space and will go in there when he’s tired or needs quiet time! He goes in for treats or toys, and only cries for a tiny bit before settling down when inside. He also knows “sit” and “leave it”! 

Mason lives with other dogs in his foster home! He’s initially shy and submissive, but is slowly building confidence! Once he’s fully vaccinated and neutered, Mason will be an excellent dog park dog! 

Our boy is not intimidated by people at all! He walks right up to new people and is ready to make best friends immediately! He’s extremely sweet and super excited to get any attention his human friends are excited to give him. He’s also met children and did great with them. 

Mason is pretty laid back for his age, and likes to nap. Don’t be fooled though, you can catch this boy being active as well! He goes on walks everyday, and gets several play sessions all-day everyday with his foster siblings! 

Are you looking for the perfect pup? He’s right here! Contact us today! 


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