born ~December 2018

32 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“Do you know what’s a sick deal? Friendship.” – Schmidt (Max Greenfield), New Girl

Welcome Max! Max is a 8 month old super mutt, who currently weighs 32 pounds but will weigh around 50 pounds once full grown. Max is a pretty talkative pup, who wants you to know that even though one of his legs is shorter than it should be, he gets around just fine!

Looking for a puppy that is already potty trained? Well Max is! He is also kennel trained and will run into it on command! If he thinks there’s a party going on without him, he may try to talk you into letting him back out, but otherwise stays pretty quiet once in his kennel. He both super food motivated and wants to learn, which makes him a perfect dog to train! Max has already mastered a few commands with Foster Mom, and is eager to learn more.

Max is playful from the get-go when he meets other dogs. He likes to talk to his friends when he plays, and overall enjoys being vocal about what’s going on in his head. Max can be pretty shy when meeting new people, and will talk his way through these new situations. He likes to be won over by getting a few treats from the new person, showing off his dining-and-dashing skills until he gets more comfortable with you. Once you’re part of his pack, there’s no shyness at all! He lets Foster Mom do whatever she wants – trim his nails, bathe him, use him as extra weight for body workouts, you name it. While most dogs would want some space after that, Max will come running back to her to try to get more attention!

Max loves to play, and is always down to clown if someone else is there to wrestle with him. He has become a dog-park regular, and loves to play with all the dogs there – especially if he can play tug-of-war with them! If he’s on his own for playtime, Max will throw around his stuffed toys and play by himself (all while trash talking his toy 😂).

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