Melville – Adoption Pending!


born ~February 2017

12 lbs.

Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken

“No philosophers so thoroughly comprehend us as dogs and horses.” – Herman Melville

Welcome Melville! This small bundle of joy is about 2 years old, and weighs 12 pounds. Melville isn’t as verbose as his human counterpart was, but will charm you with his beautiful blue and brown eyes!

Melville is almost potty trained! He hasn’t had an accident while in his Foster Home, but we want to get to know him a little better before confidently saying that he is potty trained. Melville is, however, kennel trained! He will go into his kennel on command, and stays quiet while hanging out in there. Melville views his kennel as his safe space, and goes in there unprompted when his foster siblings are getting rowdy.

Melville is good with other dogs! Melville faces a common introvert dilemma – he wants to be part of the action, but ultimately is too shy to play with extroverted pups. Instead, Melville just enjoys watching his foster siblings play and wrestle – it’s like his own personal t.v. show! He is a huge fan of people, and once the initial shyness of meeting someone new wears off, he will just soak up all the attention his new friend can give. We haven’t see Melville around cats yet, but imagine he would do fine in a feline-friendly household due to his pleasant demeanor. He is kid-friendly! Melville currently lives with a two-year old and is super sweet with the kid.

Melville has a moderate amount of energy, most of which he gets out while jumping from Foster Mom’s armchair to her couch… and then from her couch back to her armchair. He also enjoys running to check in on Foster Mom, and then will run back to where he originally was hanging out. Besides that, Melville would be content in a home with a few short/long walks during the day. Melville isn’t a super needy dog, but he does love to get attention; but, he understands that he can’t be the center of attention 24/7.

Overall, Melville is a lovable, small bundle of joy who can’t wait to show off his jumping skills!

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