born ~August 2016

40 lbs.

Crate trained!


Welcome Milledge! Millie is a 1.5 year old bulldog x beagle mix, weighing around 38 pounds!  Milledge is currently on strict crate rest due to a broken pelvis, and will be available for adoption after the break heals.

Millie is almost potty trained! She consistently lets Foster Mom knows when she has to go outside, but we want to see how she does once she’s off crate rest until we say that she’s fully potty trained. Millie has also mastered crate training! She will go in on command, and will only whine if she needs a potty break, and occasionally when she just really wants attention.

Milledge is cat-friendly! She’s seen cats at the vet and completely ignored them. Milledge currently lives in the house with other dogs and does fine with them. But she hasn’t been receptive to any new dogs. We think it’s just frustration from crate rest, but we are going to reevaluate her once she’s healed.

Millie can be very shy with new people, but once she warms up to you she will soak up all your affection! When not getting attention from Foster Mom, she loves to chew on toys and nap. Millie does need some work realizing the outside world isn’t super scary. She’s particularly afraid of moving cars. Parked cars are fine though and she loves being the co-pilot.

Looking for a sweetheart to keep you company inside and snuggle on cold days? You’ve found her! Contact us today about meeting Millie once she’s ready!

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